So you have an idea, now what?  That is exactly what this session is going to answer for you.  For an hour and a half, we will get to know not only your brand but you as the genius behind it. 


Once you have an idea, put it out there, and become an entrepreneur, you are just as much of a brand as your business and everything that you do from this point forward is a reflection of both.  Understanding these things are essential in creating all branding materials and designs to both generate and maintain your ideal customers and sets the tone for EVERYTHING.  We will begin to strategize visual execution and ensure you understand the essentials to continue to manage things on your own.


For new customers, this is a REQUIRED service prior to design. This can be booked again at any time for repeat customers to continue brand building.


Additional time can be added and is dependent upon schedule availability following your original time slot.  Consultations are available in person, phone call, and video call.  For face-to-face meeting outside of the Atlanta area, travel fees are assessed. The cost of your consultation will be applied to your service. For booking, click here.


Our 360 Brand Coaching services are exactly that, full brand coaching, direction, and design all the way around.  We will work with you and your brand consistently to plan and execute exclusive content and a clear message.

This service is contracted on a bi-weekly or monthly payment structure and pricing will vary based on the project/company needs.

Your plan will include constant consultation/meetings, brand identity and creation, design work, social media assistance, and maintenance.  Exact guidelines and parameters will be determined in your initial pre-branding consultation.  For more information and estimates, please email


Already have a design team but still need some direction when it comes to execution and tying it all together? You need brand direction.

No matter how creative a person may be, each one has a different eye and different perspective.  We will gladly work in conjunction with professionals you already have in place to ensure that your brand and its message remains cohesive across the board.

Creative direction is extremely similar to brand direction only we will not only direct the creatives, but choose your creative team as well.  The Chloe Branding Co. will provide our internal list of recommended partners and professionals to give you the look you desire for your brand.  We believe that no matter how experienced or creative a person may be, if they are not creating their type of art, it will not be its best.  Let us make that easier for you!

This service is ideal for campaigns and rebranding. Pricing is based upon the size and needs of the project.  For more information and estimates, please email


This version of our 360 Brand Coaching program is for the solopreneur or small team where doing it themselves is still the best and/or most feasible option. It is a compressed session of our full coaching program to guide you in the direction of doing it all yourself. 

Pricing begins at $3500 (per person) for a 12-16 hour (divisible into 2 days) custom branding session for your business.  Topics covered will include understanding the fundamentals of branding, assistance with design of necessary graphics, web design, and social media upkeep.  Please note: a pre-branding consult is NOT required prior to this service.


“Testimonials work great. Showing your reviews in quote marks has a powerful effect on customers and makes them more likely to trust you.” 


—  Shadae Renee, Master Cosmetologist + Salon Owner

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Let your users get to know you.

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Self Branding and

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Logo Design

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