Classic Business Card Design
  • Classic Business Card Design

    Let me guess, you don't think you need business cards anymore right?  It's easier to just use your phone or share social media so that you can stay in touch.  


    Even though that may be true, the timeless art of having a business card when it comes to networking is still NECESSARY.  What happens when you don't remember the Instagram name or didn't save the number in time?  What about when you meet an executive that still sticks to the "old school" method of making a connection?  That's where the business cards come into play.  It can easily go from hand to hand without you knowing and continue to do the networking for you... just think about it.


    This special is for the budding entrepreneur looking to make a premier impression while still building a foundation in their business.  You already have a logo, a color scheme, and a plan but no way of leaving your mark.  This is for you!


    You will receive an additional form within 24 hours to submit any additional design information + logo.


    Please note. All sales are final.  Please read our FAQs prior to purchase.  

      • 100 classic luxe business cards (this does NOT cover foil.  Please upgrade to premium production for additional options)
      • primarily text based design (it is RECOMMENDED that you already have a logo design. To add one, please choose the logo design add-on)


      • 90 minute virtual consultation
      • logo design
      • premier luxury business card upgrade (ability to use foil, indestructible card stock, painted edges, etc.) please note these take up to 30 days to produce
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