Your logo truly does set the tone of your brand.  Knowing this, with each design we offer a 30 minute mini consultation to understand your personal vision and goals to ensure that it not only fits your business, but you as well. 

Our process typically ranges between 7-14 business days. Primary correspondence is via email so the please stay alert throughout the process so as not to prolong your design.

This rate covers logo files in all various color schemes and combinations. The more colors included in your logo design, the more files you will receive.  For each file, this will include and .PNG, .PDF, and vector file types to ensure you have all options at your disposal on your branding journey.


Add-ons for logo design can include:

  • Favicon design - A favicon is simply put, the symbol of your brand. In certain instances, instead of a full logo, this symbol can easily stand in its place and is great for creating recognition and generate repeat customers. It can also be found at the top corner of your browser when surfing the web.

  • Premier fonts - For some fonts, licensing is required when used for commercial use. If a classic font does not meet your liking, premier fonts may be an option you prefer. This is not required.

  • Design edits - Once your logo is complete and final files have been shared, you will have 48 hours to request additional changes at no charge. After the 7 days have passed, any edits will be subject to this fee.



Understanding the visuals of your brand can be tough in the beginning. It's more than color coordination and a pretty font.  Brand boards are visual guides that include versions of your logos, cohesive font recommendations, textures, and photo examples to effectively demonstrate your brand.


Sharing contacts is great but nothing beats an old-fashioned business card. Each of our cards is custom designed for our client and their brand. Design files will be delivered to you print ready however each of packages include 500 luxury cards.

Luxury printing is our exclusive signature production style.  Card stock is stiff/tear resistant and edges are custom painted.  Some special features include:

  • custom size and shape

  • foil stamping

  • embossing/debossing

  • painted edges

  • spot UV


Our classic web design is the next step from a one-pager and great for a business or blog with a larger portfolio of content.  This price covers up to 5 pages. SEO included.  Suggested pages typically include home, about, contact, services/gallery, blog, booking. 


Add-ons may include:

  • Entrance page - This is a landing page where visitors click to enter full site.

  • Additional full page

  • Add E-commerce (up to 20 items)


Our one pager web design is great for the upcoming individual or business that just isn't at the point of needing a multi page full site.  All content will be on one page but still easily divisible and aesthetically pleasing so that your audience will receive the full online experience. 


This is typically ideal for personal brands, booking sites, and portfolios.  SEO included.


Some suggested elements are social media linking, a contact section, about/bio about you and/or your business, and gallery.

Add-ons may include:

  • Entrance page  - This is a landing page where visitors click to enter full site.

  • Additional sections

  • Additional full page



​The possibilities when it comes to design are endless.  The deeper you get into your brand, the more inspired you become, and the bigger impressions you will want to leave on your customers.  Custom design can include but are not limited to:

  • Flyers

  • Brochures

  • Bundle Wraps

  • Hang Tags

  • Product Labels

  • Book Covers

If you are interested in a design style that you do not see here, please don't be discouraged!  Email info@thechloebranding.com


For our clients ready to take it to the next level with their products, custom packaging is definitely the way to go.  Please note this is the base rate and does not include printing and/or shipping. 


The Chloe Branding Co. will however speak on your behalf to all print companies to ensure the quality of the end product is exceptional prior to receipt by the client.  Rates will very on a per project basis and are based on the complexity of your design.

Rates begin at $500 for an exterior only box design.



Media cards are great for social media when creating a cohesive image across platforms.  Unless specified, media cards are designed blank specifically for your brand so that you can easily fill them with your own quotes and personal messages to your audience.  Common designs may state "Now Booking" or "Appointments Available".  These are created specifically for you and your brand.

  • Level 1 Media Cards (Blank) 

  • Level 2 Media Cards (Pre-written simple quotes/statements) 

  • Level 3 Media Cards (Extensive writing/speaker cards)