I am a modern creative that graphically creates visual esthetics for small businesses and organizations looking to go beyond branding their services and social events.

Chloe Cleaves is a Visual Branding Coach and Designer who assists small businesses and solopreneurs in effectively and cohesively branding their business primarily through visualization. After working in marketing and product development for corporate America, Chloe knows what truly drives attention to get the right audience to convert —and it’s definitely more than a "pretty" Instagram account. It’s the stories you tell, the feeling you evoke, how well you connect with the heart-beating people you’re trying to serve, and it all starts with what they SEE.


Chloe is the founder and host of The Branding Brunch, a premier intimate experience that digs deep into the fundamentals of visual branding and takes place in multiple major cities across the country.  Other endeavors include The Chloe Branding Co. for services and Chloe Courses, an online learning platform launching soon.


Chloe holds a BA in Marketing and Information Systems from the Georgia Southern University.